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Inspirational – Reel Wisdom

Inspirational – Reel Wisdom

Every now and again something comes along that makes you go Wow and sends a tingle running through you.  That is how I feel whenever I connect with nature and the earth, a positive charge is sent through my system and my thoughts and senses obtain a newborn clarity.  But it’s not always nature that gives me these shots of positive energy; it can be almost anything from the sound of children’s laughter to the taste and smell of a beautiful meal.

I recently stumbled across a YouTube video called ‘Reel Wisdom’ and at first I thought, Oh No another rehash of film clips and watched it without paying any particular attention; then the words started to register and made me sit up and take notice.  The words seemed so powerful, so meaningful, positive lessons in how to live our lives that I simply had to turn the volume up and watch it over and over again.  When I had finished watching for the umpteenth time I knew I had to share it so posted it on Debra’s Facebook wall (which started some banter about who should write this post, and I apologize now to those FB friends who mistook our friendly banter for something else. – I won as you can see!)

There are particular phrases from the video which still stick in my mind but I won’t tell you what they are just now; as in all lessons each of us take something different out of them.  Perhaps after watching the video you would like to leave a comment about which phrase(s) meant most to you, or whether it was the whole combination of phrases that gave you a tingle, and then I and Debra will tell you which ones were our Block Busters!
So watch, enjoy and be prepared to be inspired.

Steve Tallamy