Peaks & Valleys, Courage & Sheryl Brown

Peaks and Valleys This painting was created by my new friend on Facebook, Sheryl Brown. We have developed a wonderful friendship. Sheryl, coming from her heart with light and love, was inspired to paint "Peaks and Valleys" after visiting Living in Courage and reading my story. I love Sheryl's … [Read more...]

Two Sides of a Prison Wall – Alan Cohen

I met Alan Cohen many many years ago, and loved to hear him speak in Southern California.  This story is about forgiveness - a vital part of any healing.  My beautiful son Wade was killed by a drunk driver.  I know something about forgiveness.  Please enjoy this story as you look into your heart to … [Read more...]

Feel Your Joy by Andy Dooley

Feel your love, feel your joy. Be the change you want to see. Celebrate today, and feel your power now! It's always more FUN to give than receive! Andy Dooley … [Read more...]

Jenny Mannion's Courage to Heal

I have a friend Jenny who found the courage to heal herself of chronic pain. Here is a small bio on Jenny and  an article from Jenny's website that I know you will enjoy, about a blind boy who can see, in some ways better than you and I.  Jenny represents Living in Courage to me, so I am excited and … [Read more...]

The 8 New Natural Wonders of the World

I was reading my daily dose of Early to Rise and found this post to be of interest.  Some of the items are new to me, but learning about our world, especially nature, is the best.  I love monarch butterflies. Which is your favorite? It's Fun to Know: The 8 New Natural Wonders of the World The … [Read more...]