Jim Stovall – Blind Courage

A friend of mine Marie Louise Steenbjerg, who lives in Denmark sent me an e-mail about Jim Stovall, along with a video from You Tube. Marie Louise heard Jim speak in Los Angeles and said it was very moving to hear his story. I would like to share it with you. Jim Stovall is blind now, and claims … [Read more...]

Book – The Path of Truth & Courage

In the 12th Century, King Richard the Lion-Heart, King of England, led an army of his finest and bravest Knights to fight for the return of the One True Cross, and to clear the passage of Christians on Pilgrimage to the Holy City of Jerusalem. Among those chosen for this daring adventure was, Sir … [Read more...]

COURAGE – What does this word mean to you?

I have decided to add a permanent category to my website called "COURAGE - what does this word mean to you". I will post the comments I receive from people I meet out in the world or any comments you send here to the website. I will post your name and quote on what courage means to you. I know … [Read more...]

Meeting Scott Rigsby

Last night my husband Cody and I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Rigsby, who's You Tube video is posted on my website.  Scott was flying into Orange County in California for a speaking engagement and invited us to be his guests. When you stand before a confident man who has achieved the level of … [Read more...]

Scott Rigsby – Changing the World, One Race at a Time

Scott Rigsby is a double amputee from Southwest Georgia who runs Triatalons, The Iron Man and has set 2 World Records. I was very inspired by his attitude. Scott lives by a simple motto - Do what you can, do the best you can and don't ever quit. He says you can sit on the sidelines of life or get … [Read more...]