Peace IS Your Action Hero

"I AM blessed in peace and harmony. I AM a fascinating symphony." — Debra Oakland  Peace is not weak or powerless, and neither are you. No one is you and that is your superpower! Choosing peace taps you directly into your inner power station. Peace is your action hero, a concentrated activity … [Read more...]

A Soul Visits Earth

I'm happy...almost all the time. Lately I have been having semi-guilty thoughts about this, and no, I'm not Catholic or Jewish. There are a great deal of people grumbling about life, and I must admit I have felt a little reticent exhibiting my joy as I buzz about each day. What was I thinking? We … [Read more...]

The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving it!

Guest Article by Steve Tallamy - The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving It! Observing is an underused gift which we have all been given to enable us to connect with the love that surrounds us in each and every given moment of our lives. Fortunately I learned the art of observation at an … [Read more...]

Ninteen Life Lessons We Can Learn From a Dog

Nineteen Life Lessons We Can Learn From a Dog. Yes, of course I am serious! Dogs are naturally curious, courageous and committed. Just by being themselves, they can teach us some important tips and tricks. After all, God spelled backward is Dog. Read into it what you will! I have spoken to dog … [Read more...]

Running From the Law of Attraction

Running From the Law of Attraction By Alison Marek I'm scooping dried fava beans into a plastic bag at Whole Foods, thinking how did they convince the whole eco-minded boomer demographic to drop top dollars on produce someone in Guatemala got 3 cents a bushel to pick and, anyway, since when did … [Read more...]