The Courage Advocate – Debra Oakland

I am honored to be featured in Life By Me this week. I would like to thank my wonderful friend Chris Cade for recommending me to Life By Me.  Chris is featured on their site as a writer, speaker and empowerer.  I am listed as writer, joyful experiencer and courage advocate.  In fact I like the … [Read more...]

Conscious Magnetism

Through the power of your personal magnetism you are able to affect other people by being a living example.  Have you ever been around someone who attracts people like moths to a flame? They seem to have an ability to magnetize people into their sphere of influence. They are almost irresistible … [Read more...]

Be a Living Example of Encouragement & Inspiration

This is a very inspirational video of a football coach and his team. It is important to be a team player in life. When you are someone people look up to, there are certain things that are required of you. This applies to all areas of life, not just football or sports. Being a living example to … [Read more...]

Directions to Happy Lane

Image: Idea go / This is a guest article from Alan Cohen - From the Heart - February  2011 Directions to Happy Lane During my Life Coach Training seminar in Ojai, California, I took a walk in that picturesque town. As I strolled along a back road enjoying a striking mountain … [Read more...]

Endless Possibilities

I have heard it said that our life is governed by immutable laws and principles that never vary. These laws are in operation in all time and places. I have also heard that every effect is the result of the cause, and that the effect becomes the cause, which creates other effects, and on it goes. … [Read more...]