The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving it!

Guest Article by Steve Tallamy - The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving It! Observing is an underused gift which we have all been given to enable us to connect with the love that surrounds us in each and every given moment of our lives. Fortunately I learned the art of observation at an … [Read more...]

Gratitude TedxSF with Louie Schwartzberg – Inspiring!

This inspirational TedxSF talk with Louie Schwartzberg will shift your day, your perspective and your energy. The film included in this talk is one I wish every human being could experience. Thank you Donn Matlack for sending it my way, I am grateful. As a young man Louie Schwartzberg did not have … [Read more...]

JOY – The Word Of The Day

    My friend Stephen Dimmick sent me a message today on Twitter - what to vlog about on Daily Dimmick. Joy popped into my mind immediately. Where do you find your joy? Are you looking for joy each day, expressing it or sharing it? I am here to say it works. People are important and when … [Read more...]

Meritage Divorce – Book Launch Tour with Cheryl Nielsen

                            Today I am hosting Cheryl Nielsen author of the book entitled Meritage Divorce: A Blend of Financial, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Guidance…Through Wine Colored Glasses now available … [Read more...]

TEDxTacoma – Joe Dispenza – The Three Brains/Thinking Being Doing

Joe Dispenza D.C. has lectured in 24 countries on six continents, educating people about the role and function of the human brain.Through scientifically proven neuro-physiologic principles, he has taught thousands of people how to reprogram their thinking through scientifically proven … [Read more...]