Consider The Exquisite Beauty of Your Soul

Life is a funny thing. Here we are as unlimited beings, yet many are like an elephant chained to a pole who won't run away, because he/she believes they can't. The truth is, the elephant is much more powerful than the belief holding it hostage. It's mental masturbation. It is not easy to break free … [Read more...]

The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving it!

Guest Article by Steve Tallamy - The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving It! Observing is an underused gift which we have all been given to enable us to connect with the love that surrounds us in each and every given moment of our lives. Fortunately I learned the art of observation at an … [Read more...]

Inner Strength Trumps Outer Strength

"Inner strength is a powerhouse of activity that when exercised daily will take you beyond any levels of outer strength you can imagine."   - Debra Oakland The buzz about living from the inside out is everywhere these days. If you think this is easy, think again. If you want to fly more expansively … [Read more...]

Oh, The Critics!

Criticism, judgment, gossip, blame, worry, anger and fear. Oh, The Critics! This family of negativity turns our vibratory energy into molasses – quicksand to our good, making it very difficult to step out of, and just as dangerous. Choosing to engage in activities of love, peace, harmony, joy, and … [Read more...]

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

[Tweet "“If you can’t get out of the box people put you in, chew a hole in the corner and crawl out.” – Debra Oakland"] Step out of your comfort zone, don't you feel it's time? I was talking to my husband Cody about comfort zones recently. We were discussing why people continue to do things that … [Read more...]