Gratitude TedxSF with Louie Schwartzberg – Inspiring!

This inspirational TedxSF talk with Louie Schwartzberg will shift your day, your perspective and your energy. The film included in this talk is one I wish every human being could experience. Thank you Donn Matlack for sending it my way, I am grateful. As a young man Louie Schwartzberg did not have … [Read more...]

A Vision of Universal Love

              A Vision of Universal Love - Steve Tallamy Well, here we are towards the end of another year and I hope that everyone of you has had a wonderful past twelve months ... I know I have and I give Thanks for that.  Before I get onto the subject of … [Read more...]

Gratitude Reflections

It seems appropriate to end the year of 2011 with Gratitude.  Of all the 144 Qualities of Love, gratitude is one of my personal favorites.  There have been endless words written about this quality, personal moments of sacred silence in gratitude, outward expressions of thankfulness in every … [Read more...]

The Season of Gratitude by Steve Tallamy

Well, we’re almost at the end of another year; they seem to fly by these days or is that just me! I always like to use this season to reflect on the year and to send blessings of gratitude to everyone and everything that I shared it with, both the good and the bad, for there are lessons to be … [Read more...]

12 Tips To Create A Joyful 2011

Time does fly doesn't it? The beginning of a New Year always leads me to reflect on the passing year.  2010 was full of the joys and challenges of a year well lived. I am grateful for every moment, even the painful one's.  I recently heard someone say that our greatest wounds form us and put us on … [Read more...]