Self Improvement is Self Alignment

Think of your inner power as regenerative, a deliberate creation at it's best. This is more than self-improvement, it is self alignment; reorienting our self to produce a positive and powerful alignment of our Mind, which brings us back to center, back to balance, and puts us in control of our … [Read more...]

Validation – Internal or External?

Article by Debra Oakland Validation - internal or external? Do you need to feel validated and if so, how and why? I like to think of internal as living from the inside out, external - living from the outside in. Many people look to others for a sense of self-worth. It starts in childhood and … [Read more...]

Are You a Student of Positivity?

Are You a Student of Positivity? Article by Carl Ramallo (Former Marketing Specialist for Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and others.) Positivity, I believe is a state of character that you need to be in at all times. We live in a World that is very demanding and is asking us to … [Read more...]

In Pursuit of Positivity

In pursuit of positivity, do you feel like you need to put your umbrella up to protect yourself from negativity swirling around you, especially when you are exuding positive vibes? We all have days like that. Negativity can drizzle, rain and pour out of people, places and things. Instead of an … [Read more...]

What is YOUR Truth?

What is your truth? We all have one. How would you describe yourself if asked? We see ourselves in a different light than those around us because we present parts of ourselves that suit moment by moment interactions. Through individual perspective people come to know us, but our truth always shines … [Read more...]