Movie Making Magic!

How much control do you have over the movie of your life? We all spend copious amounts of time trying to control our outer world. How's that working for you? We are busy humans orchestrating our life each day. There are uncountable moving parts, right? Notice I said outer world? When you begin … [Read more...]

Integrity; The Undeniable Shadow Figure of your Being

Guest Article by Phil Lopez "Every object held to light casts its shadow." ~Phillip A. Lopez Destination and direction are critical in the obtainment of our Highest Potential. So, today lets focus on One of the greatness principles which automatically produces the results we seek. That's right, in … [Read more...]

Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful. Yes, there are days we could argue the point, but for the most part life is pretty freaking awesome! Each day our energy shifts. What we do with that energy makes for a beautiful day or can break our day into pieces. I've always wondered why we humans permit one negative thought … [Read more...]

The Three Pillars of Self-Mastery

The Three Pillars of Self-Mastery by Guest Blogger Blair Glaser Mastery It’s such an evocative word. For me, it brings up images of a virtuoso violin player, who can play any piece of music at a moment’s notice. Or a writer, sitting down in her cozy, woodsy cottage, diligently typing away at her … [Read more...]

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

[Tweet "“If you can’t get out of the box people put you in, chew a hole in the corner and crawl out.” – Debra Oakland"] Step out of your comfort zone, don't you feel it's time? I was talking to my husband Cody about comfort zones recently. We were discussing why people continue to do things that … [Read more...]