What’s Your Soul Jam?

I've been thinking about our soul jam. The jam we create in our body, mind, spirit/soul, that defines our lives. Music is a good example. Do you hear a symphony in the right key, or is it more like discordant death metal? Sure, you may enjoy death metal on occasion, but are you allowing it to be a … [Read more...]

Resonance & Attraction

Resonance & Attraction - by Guest Author Margaux DeNador When I hear the word resonance the first things that come to mind are vibration, relationships, feeling a connection with someone or something, and that we attract what we feel a resonance with. For example, we can feel a resonance … [Read more...]

Debra Oakland Interview on Courage & Music

I had the pleasure of being interviewed about courage and music this week on Margaux Joy DeNador's Blog Talk Radio Show "Live Your Music". We talked about rhythmically living authentically and courageously. I posed this question to the listeners - What kind of music are you composing out of your … [Read more...]

Sung-bong Choi – A Sensation on Korea's Got Talent

The song you will hear recently brought tears to everyone's eyes on Korea's Got Talent. Sung-bong Choi was a sad young man who called himself a 'manual worker' living on his own since he was 5yrs old. He represents Living in Courage in many ways, and stories like these always tug at our … [Read more...]

Be Courageous – Love This Life with David Culiner

My good friend David Culiner is a true spirit of Courage, who follows no one but himself. A true Authentic. David owns and runs "Love This Life." Do yourself a favor - visit his website for a taste of his hypnotic music and check out the clothing line. I can say that all the favorite t-shirts my … [Read more...]