Living In Courage – Paula Cole

Paula Cole has an album titled “Courage” which was just brought to my attention by my two friends Sher and Amy. They attended Paula’s concert last night and thought of me in regards to courage.  I clicked on the link and love her voice.  Remember “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” from her 1997 album “This Fire” or Dawson Creeks theme song “I Don’t Want To Wait.” Paula won a Grammy for Best New Artist of the year in 1997. In 1999, she released “Amen” spiritually soul-influenced. In 2007 Paula released “Courage” as an artist who has grown and been on a journey of Living in Courage herself. I have included a video of Paula talking about her music – click on Read More.


Paula Cole – Courage

1. Comin’ Down
2. Love Light (Cardinal)
3. El Greco
4. Lonely Town
5. “14”
6. Hard to be Soft
7. It’s My Life
8. Safe in Your Arms
9. I Want to Kiss You
10. In Our Dreams
11. Until I Met You

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online