Debra Oakland

Courage Advocate ~ Writer ~ Joyful Experiencer


I am an advocate for prioritizing joy and living your most courageous and authentic life. I am the founder of Living in Courage Online – A Spiritual Oasis for Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges. I believe that we all have a story to share, and a voice that’s begging to be heard.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, regardless of where you find yourself today.

I have suffered unimaginable loss. In the span of four short years, I lost my 21-year old son, my baby girl in my 8th month of pregnancy and both of my brothers. Not long after, I lost my father to prostate cancer. This was an incredibly difficult time, but as I tapped into my long held belief system (which became the foundation of my new book), I realized that deep down, I remained grounded in courage, love and peace.

WITH EVERY LOSS, I GREW STRONGER. With every painful moment, I tapped a little more deeply into my own power.

My work since that point has been to share my own story of strength. Showing people just like YOU that in the midst of immense tragedy, I was able to choose love. I was able to go within myself to find the courage to move forward. I found gratitude, and dedicated myself to helping others to make these brave choices as well. You have your own path to fearlessness, and I’m here to help you find it.

Happiness and Personal Transformation

The loss that I experienced in this short period of time was life altering, and illuminated a path forward that I never saw coming. Instead of retreating from life, I was called to open myself up, and create a blueprint for increasing joy and abundance. I started to write, not only as a way to share my experiences, but also to show through example that COURAGE and JOY can truly set you free, no matter the circumstances.

Life requires a certain amount of courage on a daily basis, and is a key component to developing the inner strength needed to overcome challenges and obstacles.

By sharing experiences in and around courage, we have the opportunity to make a powerful difference in each others lives.

Change Your Movie, Change Your Life: 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change

In 2016, I launched my best-selling book, Change Your Movie, Change Your Life: 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change. In the book, I go into the core concepts that have helped to guide my journey, providing ideas for how you can use them to manifest your best life.

You can create the life you wish to live by imagining, seeing and feeling everything you wish to see on the movie screen of your life. Close your eyes and imagine it now, in as much detail and technicolor as you can muster. Make it as real as possible, and then turn your intentions in the direction of that life.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
~ Mark Twain

The 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change include:

  1. Conscious Choice
  2. Wisdom
  3. Love
  4. Purity
  5. Concentrated Illumination
  6. Peace
  7. Rhythm

This book will empower you in a fresh new way, to take control of your life. You have a voice and you have a choice! Imagine you are the creative writer, director, producer and leading star in the hit movie that is your own life. The 7 concepts laid out within these pages will entertain, educate and inspire you to courageously create the most purposeful, peaceful and positive life you have always dreamed of living, and most certainly deserve.