A Vision of Universal Love








A Vision of Universal Love – Steve Tallamy

Well, here we are towards the end of another year and I hope that everyone of you has had a wonderful past twelve months … I know I have and I give Thanks for that.  Before I get onto the subject of Vision and Love I want to share my thoughts on what is supposed to be a momentous happening on and beyond December 21st 2012.  The thing is, I haven’t a clue what is going to happen, if indeed anything is going to happen at all; to me life, nature and the universe are timeless, forever evolving, so to be able to pin any happening down to a specific time and date is something I cannot grasp.  Maybe I will on the day!

Having said that, I do believe that a big shift in consciousness is already happening and perhaps come the end of the year a whole new pathway will be shown to us.  Some will immediately take it and others (perhaps like me) may not recognize it straight away and will only see and take it when they are ready.  So with that in mind here is my vision for 2013 and beyond based on my love of Nature.

I have a vision of the future which comes from my ancestry, my connection with the evolution of universal nature throughout timeless millennia. From ‘no-thing at all’ to all that there has been, is and will be.  Out of this no-thing-ness comes a vision for us all to be joined in the spirit of Love, with the power of one-ness growing within every single living being.  It is a vision of energy, light and peace.  It is a vision of belonging to a world filled with the harmony that only Love can produce, a harmony that vibrates everywhere, around and inside of us.  Our visions are our gateways to a better future and the bigger, brighter and clearer that vision is the more awesome and powerful it will be.

In these newsletters Debra and I are sharing our thoughts on the 144 qualities of Love and the vision I have is of all of those 144 magnificent vibrations surrounding our planet like a gigantic duvet bringing warmth, comfort and security to all on a cold winters night.  Perhaps this vision is what is going to open up on 21st December 2012; as I said before, I just don’t know.  But one thing I know for certain is that unless we all have a vision of the future made out of unconditional Love, that gateway/pathway will not appear for us (you).  Like a Global Positioning System (GPS), unless you turn it on it can’t show you the way, so open up you’re hearts and minds, feel your vision deep down inside of you and send it out into the universe with Love.

Whatever happens on the 21st have a wonderful Christmas everyone and I look forward to seeing your visions come true in 2013.

Enjoy the journey ~ Steve