Guest Article by Johnna Trimmer:

It is said that being in our place of centered-ness is the basis of all spiritual teachings.

“The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective – people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.” – Deepak Chopra

In 1989, at the age of 23, I began taking yoga classes to help with my scoliosis and constant back pain. I was going to school and working two jobs, so I really did not have time for yoga. I am not sure why but I felt I had to go. My schedule was so busy I was always racing at a 100 miles an hour just to get to class on time. My yoga teacher was a Swami (Swami is a Hindu priest or religious teacher). Swami Devarupananda would lock the door right on the hour. If I were even a minute late she would glare at me through the glass door and not let me in! I really enjoyed the classes very much. Every time I left class I felt like a completely different person, I had no understanding of how this happened.

Life to me was full speed ahead with unrelenting stress! I thought that this was normal. I was completely unconscious to my lack of awareness.

When I did make it to yoga, I would run in to class, unroll my yoga mat as quickly as possible and sit down. I’d take a deep breath; greatly relieved I’d made it on time. My teacher would immediately start the class in meditation posture focusing on our breath. After a few minutes I would be in agony because of my back pain. She insisted that I sit perfectly still and steady; I couldn’t even scratch my face if it itched. Despite this I was determined to follow her exact instructions. I learned over time that she was teaching me to become aware of the fact that fundamentally I was not my body, I was not my pain, or even that itch.

At some point in the class my teacher would have us stand in Tadasana, mountain pose. In yoga, Asana means holding a steady pose. She would have us just stand there, (forever it seemed) still and steady and tell us to feel our center, be like a mountain, grounded, still and steady. I could feel myself sway side-to-side front to back, my feet on the earth feeling connected, grounded and centered from the inside. Then she would direct us to notice our thoughts, “Where is your monkey mind, who is in control of your thoughts? You must take control of your mind.” I began to experience my centered-ness in mind, body and spirit. It was truly an amazing awareness!

Centered-ness is defined as: emotionally stable, calm, serene; having a balanced mind.

Can you recall a time or experience that you experienced being centered? It usually happens when you’re doing something you love, like playing your favorite sport, hanging out with friends or being out in nature.

“When we are centered, we are calm, relaxed and can enjoy the present moment.”

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I centered?” And if so, “Can I be in that state some of the time or dare I say all the time?”

It is said that yoga is meditation in motion. One learns to move from your place of centered-ness, from your place of equanimity, peace and harmony.

When I first started teaching yoga I was very nervous, for many reasons, but I was also very afraid of public speaking. I had to learn to shift my awareness from myself to my students. I had to learn to be centered and feel completely connected to the present moment, calm and grounded. It took a lot of practice until I could do it really well. After many years of teaching others, I learned how to stay centered myself in my day-to-day life. I learned how to slow down, to stay present, to relax and to enjoy my day-to-day life! I had come a long way since my taking my first class.

“Don’t let the best days of your life happen without you!” Have you ever heard this saying?”

If we are not centered we miss the beauty of the moment and of each other, which is truly one of life’s greatest gifts.

I have great respect for the past. If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going. I have respect for the past, but I’m a person of the moment. I’m here, and I do my best to be completely centered at the place I’m at, then I go forward to the next place. – Maya Angelou

So how do you find your Centered-ness?.

1. You first have to Desire it!

You first have to Desire it!
Would it benefit you on a day-to-day basis?
Would it improve your relationships, not only with your family, friends but even yourself?
Would it benefit your work, or career?
Would it improve your health?

2. Then commit to it!

We all know that we must make a commitment to what we desire.

3. And of course you have to Practice!

Like learning to ride a bike, you have to practice, practice, and practice.

You had to practice riding with training wheels until you could find your balance and place of center.

Do you remember the first time you road a bike without training wheels? When you found your balance, felt the joy of the ride inside yourself? You had a huge smile on your face and in your heart and it felt so good- Priceless!

Even if you fell and scratched your knees or even broke an arm, it was worth it! I actually fell on my face hitting one of my front teeth that went dead and turned brown. Luckily for me it was a baby tooth. Even that years’ school picture with my brown tooth, learning to ride and falling was priceless!

I’m incredibly grateful for my first teacher, Swami Devarupananda. She taught me to find my place of center regardless of what was occurring in the outside world, but even more importantly in my own mind and emotions. She would often say that we are so much more than the problems in our life. Wow, what a big lesson!

“When you are going through a challenging time, it might seem harder to find your center, which is when it is most important. We can pause, or stop, Breathe. Inquire about what is happening. Ask for help or Ask for guidance. Know you will get through this! Know that You are loved, no matter what, connect to your place of center, Breathe deeply, and move again from that feeling place.” 

Are you ready to find your Centered-ness?

“Our power comes from being grounded in our center, connected to our deeper self, and that is where the Joy comes from.”
Say YES to your DESIRE!
Say YES to being COMMITTED!
……………………and to keep practicing daily!
I wake up everyday – I am centered.

Join me for the following meditation:

Wherever you are take a moment to bring all of your awareness and attention to feeling your whole body, take a nice deep breath. As you release your breath relax your belly. Allow yourself to become fully present in your whole body, allow yourself to deeply relax, let go of your brain, keep feeling your whole body relax and your breath flow in and out. Notice sounds around you, notice thoughts, they are there, feel your whole body, continue to feel your breath, allow your face and shoulders to let go, relax.

Now think of a tree, see the tree, what kind of tree is it, where does this tree resides out-side, see the sun on the tree, the ground it is in, the trunk of the tree, the leaves, see how it is there, being fully itself; rooted, grounded centered, now imagine you are this tree…. Say to yourself; I am like this tree- I am Strong and flexible, Centered, Grounded, Calm and at Peace now, I am myself being.

Feel the love in your Heart, the calmness of Mind; the body relaxed… stay there as long as you like, enjoying this moment.
I continue from this moment forward, to be in my Centered-ness.

I am asking for guidance, I feel afraid of what is happening now. I am not sure what is happening or where things will take me. I ask to find peace and comfort in myself, so that I can know what to do, know where to go, how to be.

I ask for this pain and sorrow to be lifted, I ask and allow peace and love to enter into me and into my life. I ask to be guided this day, show me the way. I am open to hear. I focus on my center. Thank you.

Please let with us how you find your center, or if you found this article helpful. Please share it with a friend. You can connect with me on my Facebook & Twitter.

Love to you and all that you do.



Johnna Trimmer is an expert in seeing what is blocking you and helps facilitate releasing what is holding you back, in an easy, powerful way. Her desire is that you feel empowered fully to be you and live with LOVE, and achieve your goals. The search began in 1989, I had lived with back pain most of my life. I felt deep inside, there must be a way to be happy, healthy, successful and live the only life I dreamed of. That was the only thing I wanted to know.

Training began in yoga in 1991 with Yoga Swami Devaruptananda, 1995 TTC Sivananda; certified massage therapist, cranial therapy, thai massage, studied with many master yoga teachers of all traditions and studied in India for 6 months. In 1998 founded Laguna Yoga school and store and trained many yoga students. Created/recorded a yoga & Yoga Nidra audio program: “Yoga In Bed”.  In 2010 certified in Soul Memory Discovery, Esoteric Healing, Energy release and Angel Therapy. I began my Coaching practice full time, SMD was the missing piece for me. I found what I was searching for, gratefully. I share my work at my office in Laguna Beach, on-line, teach workshops, and retreats. I love to share these powerful beautiful tools with you to assist you to experience the life that you dream of, in an easy, loving way.