Constant Happiness The Natural Way ~ With Nature

Happiness begins with a relationship with your-self, allowing as many positive and happy events to fill as much of each and every day as is possible. Of course we all have to live with the trials and tribulations that the outside world throws at us, but we can handle and deal with these much easier and healthier when we allow happiness to be our daily mantra.

The happier the relationship we can have with our-selves the happier our relationships will be with those we come into contact with, which in turn will make their experiences of You happier too. Deciding what we bring to the self-relationship table determines whether we enjoy a beautiful banquet or a meal of curled up stale sandwiches ~ I know what I prefer!

You’ve probably guessed already what I bring to my buffet, a spread of the things I like the most, things from nature, things that fill all of my senses with pleasure. Spending as much of my spare time connecting with the happiness of nature brings a smile to my face and a lightness of heart and mind. Simple things, things that each and everyone of us can do. I’m not talking about the times when I take hours, even whole days connected to nature, but the little things that all add up to a happier day.

-Walking to the shops or to see/meet friends, I take the longer route through the park.
-Buying some fresh cut flowers to fill my home with scent and colour.
-Touching and smelling plants as I walk along ~ Debra will vouch that I dawdle when out for a walk!
-Feeding the birds and watching their antics.
-Ten minutes weeding, dead-heading, tidying up in the garden.
-Taking a few minutes to read or simply look at a nature or gardening book/magazine.
-Thanking nature for everything I see, touch, smell, hear, eat and drink ~ Yes I talk to nature, not always out aloud but always from my heart.
-Simply stopping if only for a few seconds and ‘really seeing’ the beauty in buildings, trees, plants, birds, animals, clouds and even people ~ especially children skipping and laughing about absolutely nothing, in a world of their own will make me smile and hum a happy little tune.

Filling our days with as many of these small but essential pieces of happiness (whatever they may be for You) builds and strengthens our self-relationship and the positive vibes generated can only attract more and more of them into our lives. From little acorns great oak trees grow, so plant a little happiness, watch and feel it grow and you will soon have a wonderful forest to walk through and enjoy whenever you want or feel the need.