Embracing The Joy In Your Life

Embracing The Joy In Your Life









Embracing The Joy In Your Life by Steve Tallamy

To embrace Joy is to embrace the moment you’re in to it’s fullest, it’s the state of being aware of everything and nothing.  Embracing Joy is being You, loving who you are in that special space of time that you find yourself in.  When you’re in Love joy is the sensation that flows through you, and nothing but nurturing that love seems to matter.  Accepting joy is to allow true happiness into our world, it is the pinnacle of the love that sustains us and allows us to have the courage to permit more and more joy into each and every moment.

Joy is my favourite emotion and I don’t give it away lightly, holding on to joy is special to me, but to share that joy with like minded people, to send that energy into the universe allows it blow like the winds of change to others who may as yet not been able to accept it into their lives.  I would like to think that Debra and I share our joy with you all in these newsletters and that they help to spread a little bit of joy into your lives each month.

Being in Nature is my way of embracing Joy, by feeling the sensations of everything around me, filtering out disharmony whilst allowing the essence of life to enter into me and fill me with its love and light-ness.  Being warmed by the sun, listening to a dawn chorus, watching a brilliant sunset and dancing in the rain are all well worn phrases, but to feel joy really is that simple … once you’ve learned to accept it into your life!  We can all enjoy things, be happy and laugh at life from time to time but to embrace the joyousness of living is to send your sense of wellbeing up several notches, to a place of permanent awareness of what and who you are; a joyous spirit of love.

I have lived many years without joy, I have struggled to accept it, to understand it and to be honest at times I still do.  But those years of darkness have passed, even in bad times a flame of joy still burns somewhere inside of me.  Connecting with nature feeds that flame, fanning it until it bursts into the warming glow that puts me back onto the path of acceptance.  Accepting any one of the aspects of love is find the key that opens the door marked ‘Joy’, unlock it, walk through and embrace what you find in around you.

Steve Tallamy