How To Feel Better When Death Takes Your Loved Ones

Head Shot

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on LOA Today by Walt Thiessen on “How To Feel Better When Death Takes Your Loved Ones.”

From LOA Today Blog:


“In this interview, Debra tells Walt the steps she took to overcome the grief that follows losing so many family members in such a short period of time. She explains how you can feel better, too, if grief plays a large role your own life. Debra explains the importance of passing through the steps of grief while learning to live in the moment. She talks about the one, key fact about grief and pain that most people in grief are not willing to admit is happening, as well as how to correct it in oneself. Six years ago she created the Living In Courage Online web site, where she blogs and shares insights and information about what anyone can do to find the courage to pick their lives up again, even if they have been suffering for years from the death of a loved one.”

I would like to take a moment to thank Walt for this interview. He is kind, gracious and has a dazzling voice…hope you enjoy the interview!

Debra Oakland