ILLUMINATION by Cari L. Murphy

The topic of “illumination” excites, thrills, and delights me because the process of expanding into the fullness of who we are, and illuminating the light of spiritual awareness into our physical reality, is at the core of our existence. We are infinite, energetic beings that are vibrationally directing our life experience, whether we realize it or not. The unseen – but powerfully felt – energy of love, coupled with our consistently held thoughts and emotions, serve as building blocks for designing our destinies. Our futures are not set in stone. We are creating our lives in each moment. Realizing this truth is the key to our illumination!

What is illumination, anyway? As a result of my near death experience in 1997,  my expanded awareness, and from the continual insights that have come through me since that day, I have come to remember that we are all eternal beings of pure light and love! We are so much more than we know ourselves to be. We chose to experience this physical reality for the unique experience that it offers us as infinite, ever-expanding souls. We are intended to feel, merge and integrate more and more of our divinity with our humanity. This is a primary purpose for coming into physical form. Illumination is experienced more fully when we begin to look at life through the lens of the soul and expand our perspective to allow for healing, forgiveness, and a newly embraced attitude-of-gratitude to powerfully and positively impact our day-to-day realities.

So, how does one allow their light to shine more fully? From my experience, it begins with an awareness of our creative power. Our power to create is truly infinite. As extensions of divinity – God/Source/All-That-Is – we deliberately chose to stream the light of pure consciousness into these physical bodies. As we awaken and remember who we really are (beings of light temporarily housed in physical form), the dense, heavy layers of insecurity, limitation, and false truths can be washed away with the light of divine love.

With unique soul signatures and beautifully designed soul blueprints set in place in the higher realms prior to this incarnation, we intended to come into this physical reality to claim our creative ability. When we re-member this divinely designed option, we activate our potential for stepping into the empowering role of a conscious creator. A conscious creator knows that his/her thoughts, words, actions, responses, beliefs and expectations serve as the clay that molds our moment-to-moment experiences. With consistency and awareness, we hold the power and the potential for “lightening up” and enjoying the journey of creating and experiencing anything and everything we desire and deserve. There are no limits beyond the ones we place on ourselves, and even those can be released in the light of awareness.

The more conscious we become, the lighter we feel. The accumulated layers of fear, doubt, confusion and human created resistance – from childhood, limiting beliefs, and self judgment –  can and will fall away as the barriers to love, success, abundance and prosperity are released from the inside-out. As this happens we step into the infinite flow of opportunity and joy, where vitality is known and exhilaration becomes a natural state of being. This is our birthright. It is up to us to claim it. Will YOU?

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Cari L. Murphy

Cari L. Murphy

Cari Murphy is an Award Winning Media Host, Speaker, President/CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, a Life and Business Coach coaching tens of thousands of conscious business owners and success seekers around the world, a Bestselling Author of Six Books, including the International Bestsellers TREASURES OF HEAVEN: LESSONS FROM THE OTHER SIDE and Create Change Now.
Cari is also the Host of the Globally Syndicated Radio Program?“THE CARI MURPHY SHOW: STRAIGHT TALK FOR THE SOUL” with over 750,000 listeners. The show has been celebrated on Itunes “Hot List” since it began and was awarded the title of Best Spiritual Radio Show for 2013. Following a near death experience in 1997, Cari’s purpose became clear. Her intention is to empower millions to create inner worth, outer wealth, and optimal health while expanding their awareness, awakening their passion, and unleashing their soul’s greatest potential!  Learn more at


BOOK INFO: Treasure of Heaven: Lessons From The Other Side

In this groundbreaking new book, Best Selling Author, Soul Success Coach, and Award Winning Host of “THE CARI MURPHY SHOW: STRAIGHT TALK FOR THE SOUL”, ?Cari Murphy invites you on a journey of self-discovery that will support you in creating “heaven on earth.” You are cordially invited to bring a NEW, highly expansive “you” into existence. A pretty grand invitation? Yes, it is. The vastness of your soul is grander than anything in your wildest imagination. The authentic “you” came into this world ready to ignite the sparks of divinity within you, to experience the spiritual evolution which is your birthright. We are eternal beings of light with the spiritual power to shape our reality with conscious intentions. Our future is not set in stone. We create it from moment to moment.

Cari reminds us there are no accidents, only divinely designed opportunities placed in our paths during moments of greater awareness. Readers are empowered to take responsibility for their choices and liberate themselves from the illusion that they are victims of their circumstances. Cari reveals the insights, principles, and tools gained from her near death experience in 1997. These have transformed her life and the lives of clients, audiences, readers and listeners around the world.

Her messages are practical and uplifting, intended to accelerate your transformation and inspire you with new meaning, purpose and joy in your journey of expansion. With this fresh, broader perspective, you will hold the key to conscious creation and empowered living.
Each chapter offers clear action steps and exercises to integrate the messages in practical ways. You are guided toward creative control of your life experience and shown your potential for generating inner worth, outer wealth and vibrant health. You are encouraged to apply the information with inspired action to generate new opportunities and fulfilling outcomes in your day-to-day experiences.

This book will show you how to:

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Celebrate Life as the Grand and Glorious Adventure it should Be
Consciously Evolve Beyond Limitations to Embrace Infinite Possibilities
Learn the Importance of Daily Self Nurturing Practices
Explore New Territories of Consciousness, Awareness, and Love
Tap into Your Creative Potential
Generate Positive Momentum
Make Joy, Fun and Ease Daily Priorities
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This transformational book will change the way you approach life. It will open doors to new possibilities that align with the dreams and desires of your soul. By expanding your perspective, you will unleash a flood of beauty, love, abundance and prosperity.

New opportunities wait just beyond the confines of the old, boxed-in expectations you had for yourself and your life. Open your heart, mind, body and spirit to this dynamic windfall of opportunities. Align yourself with the brilliant light and infinite nature of your soul as life begins opening up in novel and magical ways. Give yourself the gift of renewed exhilaration for life! You deserve this. Now is the time to claim it!