Meeting Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Stella McCartney the other night at a function in Orange County. My favorite Rock and Roll Raincoat is by Stella McCartney. I have admired her for years. Off I went in my

    favorite jacket (so grateful it was cold enough to wear it!) I was determined to meet her, say a few words and thank her for my fabulous raincoat. I succeeded in all and then had a photo taken with her. There was such a regal, kind, confident, down to earth energy coming from her. I feel this family has been through so much that required Courage. Linda McCartney

    lived a life of authenticity, passing that

    on to her children. Here is a little history on Stella McCartney.

Stella was born in 1972 to former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Linda, and it would be easy to believe she enjoyed a rarefied childhood. You would be wrong, however. Unlike most celebrities, the McCartneys thrust their children into the thick of the real world. Brought up without nannies and bodyguards, they learnt that true security comes from a loving family and loyal friends rather than infra-red gadgets. Stella was educated at the local state school in East Sussex, and washed dishes in a local restaurant to earn the money to buy the clothes she wanted.