Natural Determination











Natural Determination by Steve Tallamy

Anyone who maintains a garden will realize only too well natures determination to reclaim its true essence, its wildness, its freedom to expand, grow and recreate itself.  Look at any newly created urban waste ground and before long the first signs of life will appear, grasses, mosses and lichens will probably be the earliest arrivals quickly followed by seedlings brought there by natures very own sowers; birds, animals and the elements.  Such is Her determination that the whole area will be turned into a wildlife wonderland virtually overnight.  Away from suburbia natures determination is even more remarkable, from the freezing polar regions to the severe heat of places like Death Valley, from the darkest depths of the oceans to the rarified air of the highest mountain peaks Her inner desires continue to amaze and baffle; places where mankind could not survive alone for even a few hours bear witness to Her work.

Her determination is limitless.

Of course we too need to tap into our own determination resources throughout our lives in times of need, suffering or achieving our life goals.  Unfortunately many of us fail to tap into our inner source and rely on our ego driven mind thoughts to reach whatever they are striving for.  The problem with this is that although it may bring you the willpower to achieve, it also brings prejudices, doubts, fears and procrastination to the table.  There is no continuity and no natural flow to your actions and eventually like trying to kick an addiction with willpower alone.  Any success will be temporary and we will eventually falter and fail.

This type of determination (willpower) is limited.

Looking again at Mother Nature it is plain to see that She has only one single need for motivation; the growth and continuance of the inner breath of life.  Her determination whatever the circumstances is to support new life.  She will eventually win through to create new landscapes, often of stunning beauty, that will-power alone could never achieve.  If we are to achieve whatever it maybe we want to attain in our lives we need to tap into our inner levels of determination, those levels where ego driven mind thoughts cannot survive, we too will be able to evolve and blossom into our true and ultimate being.  Use the stillness and quiet of Nature, use Her energy as a support system to reach your own powers of determination.

You are Nature, You are limitless!