Need, Wants, Desire and Confusion


I’m probably no different to many of you, I sometimes get confused with the word Desire! Is what we desire a great need of something, a desperate want for something; or is it something else altogether? I believe the problem I have stems from the word itself and by that I mean that it is simply a word, something we use to communicate our thoughts to others with, and it can mean so many things in different contexts that we treat the word how we perceive it at the time of hearing it. To me desire is an emotion and as such is pretty much indescribable to others, they cannot know or understand fully what we truly and emotionally feel. But I shall try to explain right now …

Occasionally my confusion is added to when I mix what I need and what I want with what I desire. When this happens I retreat into nature to put things into perceptive. The serenity of Mother Nature helps me realize that all that I need is provided for, her elements combine to give me life, food, shelter, pleasure and love for all things and beings; so I really need for nothing. The things I may want are usually a betterment of what I already have and as I already have everything I need there is no need to want.

Explanation: I’m referring to my spiritual world’s needs not my physical world’s; there is nothing wrong in wanting a bigger, better car or home, but if we put our physical world’s needs before our spiritual needs my opinion is that we will never find true peace or happiness.

Quietly observing nature I see that She has no needs or wants; the universe provides and nature responds by growing and expanding with acceptance that she has everything She needs to be what She is. So, having abruptly dismissed needs and wants that just leaves desire to deal with; and I believe that Mother Nature has the answer there too. By treating desire as an emotion or inner energy instead of a word we get in touch with what we truly are and can be. The vibrational energy every living thing has is the desire to be complete and at peace with who or what it is. The desire is to embrace that energy every moment of every day, to be at one with ourselves and everything around us is fulfillment.

Out of confusion comes clarity and it is only when we acknowledge and accept that our only true desire is to be fulfilled with inner love, compassion and happiness (all components of the one being that we are) that we are able to see, feel and touch that word we call desire. Take your cue from nature, there may not be a new car or luxury home hiding behind every tree, but all your spiritual needs and wants are taken care of. Go on, take a peek today and embrace your inner desires completely.

Steve Tallamy