Scott Rigsby – Changing the World, One Race at a Time

Scott Rigsby is a double amputee from Southwest Georgia who runs Triatalons, The Iron Man and has set 2 World Records. I was very inspired by his attitude. Scott lives by a simple motto – Do what you can, do the best you can and don’t ever quit. He says you can sit on the sidelines of life or get back in the game. Good words to live by. I call that Living in Courage. Scott says to stay in the game long enough to make something happen. He wants to change the world one race at a time – one person at a time, and to educate the world about prosthetics. I admire you so much Scott. Thank you for encouraging all of us to say no to being defeated on any level. What a great role model you are for others. We will follow your success at Living in Courage, because you represent what this site is about and that is uplifting the human spirit in all of us.