The Question of Receptivity

How receptive are you? How receptive am I?  A tricky question we don’t ask ourselves often enough. The quality of taking in and receiving is being receptive to all life has to offer us. We often say no to life without even realizing it.  Mother Nature never says no to life, she is life.  We are the energetic force of life, living breathing receptors that have the ability to receive great abundance. When I speak of abundance, I am speaking of the flow of good into all areas of our lives.  By remaining in harmony we become receptive, allowing our greater good to come to us.

I don’t know about you, but I have found that by my own efforts alone, I dilute my power to fully live the life I desire and dream of. When I make powerful conscious choices to set up my future, I am then able to hand the details over to my perfected self, my higher self who knows exactly how to bring to me what I want and at exactly the right time.  My job is to stay out of the way by remaining harmonious and receptive to my good.  There are seen and unseen forces in the Universe that can go to work for us in ways we can’t imagine. I can tell you that when I use these Universal Laws and Principles, they work.  Test it out for yourself, take a little test drive.  If we want change, we have to be open and receptive!

We need to become receptive listeners who are open and responsive to what comes our way.  That is part of harmony.  When we are stressed, in a hurry or shut down to listening, it is hard to feel and hear the messages the heart is sending us in its infinite love, wisdom and power.  We have been trained to behave in a certain way since birth to survive in the world as we know it.  It’s not easy to re-train yourself to remain harmonious in a world full of chaos, but there is another world out there waiting for those who do.

Be receptive to the beauty of life. There has always been human suffering simply because of the choices people make. When we are unreceptive to love and its family, only sadness, regret and fear can occupy that space.  By making the choice to live in and from the heart, you remain open and receptive to your highest and greatest good. We must take a stand if we want change, because we are the change-makers and each decision we make matters. Receptivity is a superpower, and so are you!

“Not only do your thoughts and words and actions affect others in an obvious way, but they also have an impact far beyond any that you might have intended. And, to complete the concept of the Golden Rule, what you send out will come back to you, so the actions you take or the words you speak or the thoughts you conceive should be ones that you feel comfortable returning to you, for they inevitably will.” ~Lessons from the Source by Jack Armstrong

Debra Oakland