Sierra Leone's Refugee all Star Band

Reuben M. Koroma is a singer who composes songs to help refugees have a little relief from the suffering in their lives. This group, the Refugee all Star Band came together one at a time and fashioned some musical instruments to entertain the people in the refugee camps. The music is about the … [Read more...]

Have the Courage to take the First Step

Have you heard of Britain's Got Talent, which our American Idol evolved from? This video is of Paul Potts, a mobile phone salesman with a big confidence problem. Amanda (our version of Paula) said "I think we have a little lump of coal that is going to turn into a diamond." Paul Potts went on to … [Read more...]

Courage Under Fire – Professor Liviu Libresco

This is not a new story, but one that needs to be remembered. Professor Liviu Libresco saved the lives of 22 students at Virginia Tech on April 16th 2007. His story is proof that ordinary people do extraordinary things and become our heroes. As quoted by Rabbi Shea Hecht, "Professor Libresco … [Read more...]

Do the Gratitude Dance

Do the gratitude dance every day - it's fun and people are doing it all over the world. Dancing makes you happy, plus it gets your energy up and focused for a fantastic day. What are you grateful for? I really want to know. I will start with, I am grateful for every breath I take and every beat of … [Read more...]

Scott Rigsby – Changing the World, One Race at a Time

Scott Rigsby is a double amputee from Southwest Georgia who runs Triatalons, The Iron Man and has set 2 World Records. I was very inspired by his attitude. Scott lives by a simple motto - Do what you can, do the best you can and don't ever quit. He says you can sit on the sidelines of life or get … [Read more...]