My Facebook friend Cari L Murphy is an inspiration to many people.  Cari’s new bestselling book “Create Change Now” invites you to live a more abundant life.  If you are into spirit renewal and manifesting your dreams, this is a book I highly recommend for you.  This life is your journey.  I am here to provide powerful tools for you to live your best life.  I feel Cari’s book is full of tools you will love to incorporate into your life.  I have included an article here “A Dose of Inspiration To Begin Your Week” that Cari wrote for her Facebook group.  I know you will enjoy reading it.

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~The expression of our unique gifts paves the way for CREATING CHANGE NOW.~
A Dose Of Inspiration To Begin Your Week

Our lives are truly a work of art! They are a manifestation of the gifts that we offer to the world. When we embrace and share our gifts, the true purpose of our life is clearly revealed and confirmed. We are in tune with our spiritual nature when we let go of the expectations others have of us and do that which brings us the greatest joy and fulfillment. This is living from the inside-out instead of living from the outside-in!

To move toward that which brings us joy isn’t selfish! In fact, it is the most generous thing we can do. This allows us to be in the pure, loving space of sharing our true gifts with others. The spirit of others cannot be lifted until or unless we trust our own gifts and offer them to the world.

We must not make the mistake of thinking that we have no gift to offer! Everyone has a gift to offer. Our gift is that which brings joy to ourselves and others. It is a pure and creative expression that breaks down walls, removes the symbolic armor of protection that we all wear, and allows others to know who we really are. Our gifts come from the heart. When our gifts are shared freely and openly, we will know the true meaning of prosperity. Only that which we truly love doing will touch others and bring genuine appreciation our way.

Nurturing and developing our gifts is key. We must take risks and open our hearts. Gradually, our confidence will build with ease and our light will grow and expand and awaken those that come our way. Those who refuse to begin even in a small way cannot accomplish anything. Our gifts are not meant to be hidden from the world! Joy-full individuals share their gifts with no expectation or attachments. They are content expressing their gifts without conditions. Unhappy individuals hold onto their gifts waiting for the perfect time and perfect venue to express them. Sadly, no one benefits from gifts that are withheld and kept locked away from the outside world.

Part of learning to trust our gifts is letting go of any attachments to how we feel the gift should be received. To give our gifts, we must release them and let go of any expectations regarding who will receive it and who won’t. We can’t hold onto our gifts and share them at the same time! We must give our gifts the wings they deserve!

The authentic expression of our gifts builds bridges of true connection with others. As we embrace our gifts and extend them freely, we naturally begin to move through our fears and self limiting behaviors. When others are faced with our absolute, uncompromising commitment to ourselves, they will either join us or move swiftly out of our way! Clarity emerges where ambivalence once resided. Surrendering occurs. Spirit awakens.

Spiritual work requires surrendering. Superficial work of the ego requires the illusion of control. Commitment to the pure and beautiful expression of our gifts paves the way for our dreams to become a reality. If we are really honest with ourselves, we will recognize that no one or nothing outside of us will ever prevent us from actualizing our goals. We are the only one that can sabotage the manifestation of our dreams! This is a harsh truth, yet it must be recognized and realized if we wish to create real change in our lives.

The way to CREATE CHANGE NOW is to determine what we want, commit to it, visualize it clearly, move toward our goals and embrace the opportunities that come our way, all the while surrendering our expectations of things happening in a specific manner. When we remain faithful and true to the honest, open expression of the gifts that come from the heart, we experience joy and fulfillment. That is when doors open and powerful, positive change can happen.

May you allow yourself the opportunity to express your gifts today! May you open your heart and CREATE CHANGE NOW!
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Wishing you all a beautiful, fulfilling week!

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