Today Is A Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day.  I choose it to be so.  Yes, challenges come up from time to time, and they may require courage to get through, yet they strengthen me in ways I can't imagine.  Everywhere I look, I see beauty.  The sun shining through the window, the trees blowing in the breeze, my … [Read more...]

Are You Tired Of Others Thinking For You?

Are you tired of people thinking for you?  It is exhausting, and leaves  you feeling unfulfilled.  At birth we were each endowed with the Secrets of the Universe.  Each one of us holds the key to our own destiny.  Learning to de-program the illusions presented to us from the outside world can be … [Read more...]


My Facebook friend Cari L Murphy is an inspiration to many people.  Cari's new bestselling book "Create Change Now" invites you to live a more abundant life.  If you are into spirit renewal and manifesting your dreams, this is a book I highly recommend for you.  This life is your journey.  I am here … [Read more...]