10 Simple Tips on The Power of Focus

One of the things I focus on is staying true to myself and my message. I do this by using these 10 Simple Tips on The Power of Focus. If I remain on the safety of the shore too long, the inner need for creativity and expansion gets buried in the sand. Sticking your feet in the waters of life will … [Read more...]

Forgive YOU! Why Should I?

How often have you said or thought, "Forgive YOU! Why should I?" Come on, be honest. We've all experienced people who have pushed our buttons, abused us either physically, mentally or verbally. Do you forgive a bully? Do you forgive those that "seemingly" hold power over you? How do you reconcile … [Read more...]

You Are Natural Resonance

When discussing resonance with my husband Cody, he brought up a great point, "The system we live in is synthetic, we are natural." Over time, somethings gotta give. Do you have your resonance working for or against you? What story are you writing? Do you resonate to Mother Nature and her Kingdoms or … [Read more...]

Wisdom Speaks

It is through experience that knowledge becomes wisdom. Wisdom is a great gift that connects to us through our soul and speaks to our hearts as we experience life. When properly applied, wisdom can assist us to enjoy a life well lived. What do you strive for in your life? Do you allow the wisdom in … [Read more...]

Chasing Centered-ness!

Here I sit, needing to center myself as I begin writing this article. My first thought is that being centered is - free. No charge, no expectations, judgements or blame. Off I go to take a deep calming breathing break....join you in a few. Here is the The Theme Song for Jeopardy to listen to until … [Read more...]