Awakening to Balance and Peace in the Midst of Global Turmoil

Over the past few years... My articles have aimed to gently encourage readers to become more aware of the realities unfolding in the world beyond. In the tumultuous landscape of the world today, it has become increasingly essential for each of us to recognize the profound impact of external events … [Read more...]

Chasing Centered-ness!

Here I sit, needing to center myself as I begin writing this article. My first thought is that being centered is - free. No charge, no expectations, judgements or blame. Off I go to take a deep calming breathing break....join you in a few. Here is the The Theme Song for Jeopardy to listen to until … [Read more...]

Life Is A Balancing Act

Balance is an interesting subject. I have read that balance is not good and keeps us off our game so to speak. Not sure I agree with that train of thought. We are all masculine and feminine energy, right and left brain, yin and yang. We also have the mental, physical and spiritual to balance along … [Read more...]

Juggling With The Balance Of Life

We all know that life is a balancing act; whether it be in relationships, finances, diets, or our general work/play lifestyles we are continually juggling to keep some form of continuity.  To my way of thinking many of us fall by the wayside by trying to achieve a perfect balance and from my own … [Read more...]