Life Is A Balancing Act

Balance is an interesting subject. I have read that balance is not good and keeps us off our game so to speak. Not sure I agree with that train of thought. We are all masculine and feminine energy, right and left brain, yin and yang. We also have the mental, physical and spiritual to balance along with the love, wisdom and power of the heart. When we are out of balance in any of these areas it affects us and what we reflect out into the world.  Like any accomplishment maintaining balance takes time. Find the areas that are most out of balance for you and begin working on them. Take small steps and combine each step with as much consistency as you can.

If we want change and balance in our life, we must change. If we want change and balance in the world, we must change. By becoming the change we wish to see in others, we honor all life. Imagine being a joyous individual who stands as a living examples of peace and love, supporting your fellow brothers and sisters who are in alignment, and helping those who need a hand up. Think of a set of scales when they have more on one side than another and are out of balance.  What do you have on one side that is creating imbalance in your life? Anyone who walks a tightrope finds balance indispensable.

This world is a busy place, full of distractions that keep us out of balance and off our game. We can never get it all done, yet we chase our tails in the effort. The busier the world gets, the less time we seem to have. Choose what is important to you. If you are clear on your life’s purpose, dig in and enjoy doing what you love. If you have no idea what your life purpose is, for now, find something that makes you happy. In your JOY you will find balance.  Forcing things can push them away from you. Slow down when you feel you are pushing too hard and let what wants to come to you show up. There is a magical timing to all life so let patience be your friend. Life is a balancing act, so find your center, engage your balance and live in your joy!

Debra Oakland