Evolving Your Future Self: Severing Ties

What? Sever ties you say!

You may ask, “Why consider the dramatic move of severing ties?” However, ponder this: holding onto outdated thoughts and actions is akin to clinging to a flip phone in the age of smartphones. Sure, we’re all aware of the potential drawbacks of the latest and greatest, but you get my drift. Flip phones don’t serve a purpose for most of us in this modern world. At times, I catch myself clinging to outdated thoughts and habits, my own mental equivalent of that flip phone. I must admit, on rare occasions I think about my old flip phone – there was a simplicity to it, and there was a great deal of satisfaction in flipping it shut!

Smartphones aside

Consider that clinging to old thoughts and actions can lead to thinking and behaving in ways that no longer benefit us, or anyone else for that matter. It’s like trying to navigate a bustling city with a paper map – charmingly nostalgic, but not the most practical approach in our contemporary world. It’s a personal challenge for anyone to evaluate and let go of those mental relics. Severing ties with outdated thoughts and actions – opens doors. Make space for growth, embrace clarity of purpose, and a mindset that aligns with you – whatever that may be, in this present moment and into the future.

 Ground hog day or school of life?

Learning to let go, much equivalent to pitching out my old flip phone. I find myself happily deep in investigation mode, delving into topics that were foreign to me. At times I feel like a child re-learning how to walk. Life is schooling me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I’m done clutching onto outdated thoughts and actions that no longer support my life. I know I was holding onto mental habits and people, just for the sake of what’s familiar, even if they no longer served my personal efficiency or effectiveness. I think of this time as a mental upgrade. Persisting with thoughts and actions that may have once had a purpose, now feel like weights holding me back.

Have a think

What ways of thinking, being, acting and doing no longer supports your life? Habits die hard. Many of you are familiar with these words…


I am here always
I can make or break you
I can motivate you to greatness or stifle your growth
I am difficult to create and even harder to break
I work on impulse and have little direction
I have a good memory and am repeatable
I am the most valued asset of the professional
I am the greatest burden of the weak
Use me as a weapon against mediocrity
Use me as your map on the road to excellence
With me, you will own the competition
What am I?
A Habit


  1. Thanks for your thought provoking blog, Debra. These past two years, I was faced with letting go of several significant relationships Change can be very difficult. There have been a few relationships, I have let go of because the energy I am at now does not resonate with the relationship. For me listening within, praying, and trusting my gut instinct helps navigate these shifting times. Many Blessings, Lisa

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thanks so much Lisa. Letting go of relationships can be one of our most challenging endeavors – creating change in it’s wake. Trusting our gut (second brain) is essential in these times of shift and renewal. Great to hear from you.

  2. Thank you for that ‘food for thought’ and much needed reminder to get my thoughts and habits in order!!

    • Debra Oakland says

      Sally, we all need reminders. I know I do! Life is a series of thoughts and actions that lead to outcomes and habits (hopefully good ones). When we are as present as possible, the road is smoother for the journey ahead.

  3. Love how u related our outdated thoughts to a flip phone!
    I need to get rid of my flip phone ideas! Thank u!

    • Debra Oakland says

      Sometimes old school things should be new school. It’s when we hold ourselves back, the way forward can get very cloudy. TY for you comment Maria!