Flex Your Self-Awareness Muscles

Flex Your Self-Awareness Muscles

“Awareness grows through experiential evidence as we marvel at the world around us. Listening to the teachings of our soul brings understanding.”¬† – Debra Oakland

In regard to self-awareness I begin with this simple thought; Our awareness is not behind us, or in front of us, but in us. It is you. If we lose our focus and begin struggling, looking here there and everywhere, it’s time to re-focus. Conscious communication with your soul puts you on a path to self-awareness.

Self-improvement is impossible without flexing your self-awareness muscles. Of course it takes work, but don’t you want to strive and thrive? I know I do.¬†Strong awareness muscles give us a wider, more expanded view of ourselves and the world.

How to Flex Self-Awareness Muscles:

– Make sure you warm up and stretch so you don’t pull anything!

– Most humans have emotional triggers that bring on a fight or flight response. I think of self-reflection as our secret weapon. Part of awareness is figuring out what pushes our buttons, fires us up, makes us weaker or stronger. Like a super-hero! If we revert to our typical default reactions, our awareness shrinks and expansion is bypassed. It’s called paying attention.

– We come from the macro (soul) to experience the micro (body). We have this immense soul traveling the expanse of the Universe, then we wake up squished into a fresh new human body. We then grow up to ponder the vastness of our existence and that of the Universe. Self-awareness is self-discovery. You have to experience life, uncover it’s deeper meanings and how it relates to self, to become aware. Super Hero and She-roe’s indeed!

– There are different stages of development from childhood on up. Until a person stops identifying with the physical self as self, and places their attention on the whole, (body, mind, spirit) it is challenging to get to the deep matters of awareness where growth is concerned.

– The idea of understanding self is like looking at a road-map. You always have to find the you are here spot to determine where you are on your journey to be able to choose which direction you wish to go next. FYI – we all have a personal blueprint inside, put there to guide us. Think of it as our internal GPS!

– Without a strong sense of self, discernment won’t become the asset it is meant to be. Unless one knows self, one cannot discern what is best for self. Instead of making decisions on concrete “knowing-ness” one simply flounders in a hit or miss approach to life

– Listen to the love, wisdom and power of your inner voice. You are powerful beyond measure. Do what it takes to have an open line of communication with the God your knowing. Talk about flexing your awareness muscle! This is a self-awareness super-power.

– Awareness is taking responsibility for everything you create in your life. This empowers you to live your best life. Use your super-powers of self-awareness for good wherever you go.

Debra Oakland