Juggling With The Balance Of Life

We all know that life is a balancing act; whether it be in relationships, finances, diets, or our general work/play lifestyles we are continually juggling to keep some form of continuity.  To my way of thinking many of us fall by the wayside by trying to achieve a perfect balance and from my own experience (I’ve failed on more occasions than I care to remember) that magical scenario just isn’t possible and until we accept that as a life fact we will never get the balance working for us.  As ever I learned my lesson from Nature but it took me over 40 years for that lesson to sink in and turn it into practical knowledge that I could use day in day out.  My belief that Nature (in fact the whole Universe) was in perfect balance which I needed to match was my downfall.  When you take the time to sit back and reflect on everything around you it will seem that there is order but that order comes out of chaos; all that is, is continually changing and that is the real lesson.


Nature changes, we change, it is a fact of life that every moment is like a changing season and the balance we need to find is the acceptance to re-create ourselves to suit every new moment to the best of our ability, to accept who and what we are in every changing moment.  There is a natural harmony and rhythm within Nature which totally accepts change and re-balances itself to suit every event whether it be natural or man-made.  The point here is that as soon as you think you have the balance right, it changes and you start the juggling act over and over again until you get a fixation on it and forget to actually live and enjoy what you already have, you are in chaos.  You can’t accept what you don’t see or feel, you miss the opportunities that come your way and by concentrating on the balls in the air you miss the lessons that fall to the ground.

Take the time to watch the night sky, contemplate the rivers and oceans or watch each new season evolving and you will quickly come to terms with that moment.  Everything seems to be in perfect balance but that equilibrium is physically changing into each new moment yet remains the same.  When we accept that each moment deserves our full attention and that we need only to alter our perspective of what we consider to be ‘perfect’ will true balance in our life be established. Follow Natures example and happiness, peace and harmony will naturally be brought into each and every new moment, each and every day and each and every season of your life.

Steve Tallamy