Chasing Centered-ness!

Chasing Centered-ness

Here I sit, needing to center myself as I begin writing this article. My first thought is that being centered is – free. No charge, no expectations, judgements or blame.

Off I go to take a deep calming breathing break….join you in a few. Here is the The Theme Song for Jeopardy to listen to until I return…..

Hi, I’m back. Truth be told, there are moments in our lives that can feel a bit heavy, like a weight sitting on us. The feeling may not last long, but when the feeling settles in as it did with me today, this is my cue to look square into the face of this feeling and say, “What do you want? Why are you here sitting on me? You’re heavy, get off of me!”

During my centering break a few minutes ago, I looked at what was showing up, addressed the feelings, had an inner-self chat, sat down and took some deep calming breaths. Voila, restored to center! I consider this part of my growth and expansion as a spiritual being in a human experience. The “voila effect” is  not always instant, so I take the time needed.

What is the best way to center yourself when you feel overwhelmed?

Find a method of centering that resonates with your soul. What makes you feel the lightness of “being”? I use meditation and rhythmic breathing, If time allows, a walk along the beach communing with the natural elements of nature. Listening to music and relaxing with my husband is always a favorite.

You can overcome feelings of overwhelm by focusing your thoughts and visualizing the exact outcome you want for a few minutes. Let’s give it a go together, if you’re up for it. Visualize whatever strikes your fancy, passion or purpose. I want you to know I’m grateful to share this space with you. Off we go, into the silence of our personal sacred space…..

That was an awesome experience. I know we brought powerful energy to our intentions. I certainly feel more centered and peaceful, don’t you?

When you get thrown off your center, have you noticed it affects not only you, but the people around you?  That’s why we need to look at what throws us off balance and purposefully reclaim our power.

Have any of these things ever happened to you?

  • Someone says something that gets under your skin.
  • Your space is invaded with negativity.
  • The outcome you hoped for does not happen.
  • You wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
  • Your health needs improvement.
  • Family matter need attention and you feel overwhelmed.
  • Financial stress is sitting on your shoulders.
  • Your current job is not in alignment with your hopes and dreams any longer.
  • Your relationship sucks and you don’t know how to fix it.
  • You want to be in a relationship and it’s not happening yet.

I can go on, but you get the idea. There are hundreds of things that can throw us off our center. If we allow ourselves to sink down and surrender to being out of balance, our life will reflect this right back at us.

Get up, stand tall, take a stand for positivity, center yourself, be grateful, be kind to yourself and others. Do whatever it takes to find your center of balance in relation to body, mind and spirit. We all have different beliefs, customs, preferences and dreams. You can’t prescribe one vitamin for everyone, and you can’t provide one solution for people to connect to their center. We are all different. Find what works for you. Connect with your inner knowing and you will be guided.

Centered-ness Tips

  • If someone gets under your skin, re-center and take a look. What is the mirror is reflecting back to you?
  • In a negative space silently repeat or chant “I choose peace” until the negative person or influence fades out of your energy field.
  • Desirable outcomes are in your hands. Use conscious choice to make wise decisions that support your life. You create it all.
  • Before bed and when waking, express gratitude for your day and set intentions for the new day.
  • Take the appropriate measures to improve your health. There is always a way! Remember, your thoughts, feelings and actions carry power.
  • Family matters take precedence, a happy family is a balanced family. Communication is key. Take time to prioritize and simplify the distractions that are creating overwhelm.
  • Embrace Abundance. People get stuck on the idea of “money” being their source of supply. The Universe is infinitely abundant and when you embrace abundance, there is a world of possibility that opens up for you. I am dancing in abun-dance with you!
  • If you are in a job that does not fit you any longer, it may be time to be more expansive. What is your passion in life? It was gifted to you and has an important purpose. It may be time to take it off the shelf, dust if off and it new life.
  • Ahhhh, relationships! What is your current “sucky” relationship mirroring back to you? What lesson is to be learned so as not to have repeat performances show up?
  • Write your dream relationship down in great detail with powerful intention. Create a special place to keep this intention. Trust that you have done your part, hold your peace, move on with your life and let the Unlimited Universal Power of Love handle the details. That’s it’s job and the “unseen forces” love it when you give them instructions as to fulfilling your need and desires.

Thank you for your patience as I was chasing my centered-ness at the beginning of this article. I am in alignment now and grateful to spend time with you today.

Peace Love & Light from My Heart to Yours