Awakening to Balance and Peace in the Midst of Global Turmoil

Over the past few years... My articles have aimed to gently encourage readers to become more aware of the realities unfolding in the world beyond. In the tumultuous landscape of the world today, it has become increasingly essential for each of us to recognize the profound impact of external events … [Read more...]

Transition Laguna Beach

I live in beautiful Laguna Beach, California.  A true resort and artist community, home of the "hippies" from the 60's to current day.  All walks of life enjoy living here.  Surfers and sunbathers crowd the beaches. We have activists, sports enthusiasts, tourists buzz through town all year long.  We … [Read more...]

The Backroom Short Film Festival is Courageous Inspiration

A friend of mine Paul Gruber is the mastermind behind The Backroom Film Festival. Why am I sharing this at Living in Courage?  I find Paul courageous for creating an opportunity for people to not only view inspiring short films, but to get involved by making their own short film and becoming a part … [Read more...]

The Courage For Peace

The world can seem off balance as old systems crumble, making way for a peaceful new way of living.  We are all one. When we recognize that fact we truly will be living a new earth experience. I quote a journal article excerpt from Rene Wadlow in her article The Courage for Peace -"Favoring a … [Read more...]