The Backroom Short Film Festival is Courageous Inspiration

A friend of mine Paul Gruber is the mastermind behind The Backroom Film Festival. Why am I sharing this at Living in Courage?  I find Paul courageous for creating an opportunity for people to not only view inspiring short films, but to get involved by making their own short film and becoming a part of The Backroom tv community.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online


Who Are We?

The Backroom is a group of individuals who are committed to improve our communities through a series of short film festivals designed to present films in the categories of inspiration/motivation, comedy and animation. Our vision is to create a global “Backroom” in which we are “Affecting people in a positive way.”

“We believe that in the future there will be a greater desire for short films, and we’ll need the talent to make them.” Paul Gruber

What We Do

The Back room searches for opportunities to promote people in our communities who are excited about life and willing to share their knowledge and skills with others.  The Backroom understands the importance of how “giving starts the process of receiving.”

In addition to the festivals, we are also developing and promoting various programs – bringing together people who have something to share with those who have something to learn.  Online networks, informal get-togethers and formal events are being created to encourage people from various backgrounds to join the community.

What greater way to promote new talent than through a gathering of short film makers and short film enthusiasts?  The Backroom Short Film Festival is an event that is designed to showcase people who have an inspiring story, unique talent, or special skill from which we can all benefit.

How Can I Become Involved?

Are you an aspiring filmmaker?  Do you have a special skill or talent?  Do you have a unique story to share and do you enjoy short films?  Be part of a community in which we live, learn and grow and  be inspired through the process where, “giving starts the receiving.” Be a part of an experience that is positive and unforgettable.

For more information, go to or contact Paul at 941.234.3553.



Contact:   Paul Gruber

Phone: 941-234-3553


ST Petersburg, Fla.,  — The Back Room Short Film Festival of Sarasota is seeking film submissions for a short film festival at the NOVA 535 on September, 9th from 6 – 9 pm.  This one-day festival will feature films from 2 – 7 minutes in length in three categories: inspiration/motivation, comedy and animation.

“This is a film festival designed as a family friendly occasion with the movies rated PG or less,” said Paul Gruber, founder of  HYPERLINK “ ” and  HYPERLINK “”   “We are encouraging people of all ages to participate and are reaching out to schools and other groups to encourage children, teens and young adults to submit a film.”


The Back Room Community, founded by Paul Gruber, is a group of individuals whose vision is to improve the community we live in through inspiriting, teaching, learning and applying the skills necessary to be successful in an ever-changing world. 

Our vision is to “Affect people in a positive way”.