The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving it!

Guest Article by Steve Tallamy - The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving It! Observing is an underused gift which we have all been given to enable us to connect with the love that surrounds us in each and every given moment of our lives. Fortunately I learned the art of observation at an … [Read more...]

Empathy – A Matter of Degrees

I think of empathy as being able to connect to the thoughts and feelings of another when they are going through a challenging experience. When our understanding of their experience mirrors our own, it feels as though we have walked in their shoes. Empathy is a matter of degrees. For example, my … [Read more...]

Love Heals Broken Hearts

My friends lost their beloved dog Coco today. With broken hearts they wade through the intense emotions of loss and grief. This thought came to me: This intense love we feel, after the grief passes and if we choose to allow it, sparks a flame inside that can become an inferno of passion and … [Read more...]

Children Inspire Us Effortlessly!

Children inspire us effortlessly. Let me give you an example. My husband and I needed a little break and decided to go to the Orange Circle where we peruse the antique shops. We entered one which is a maze like layout that you can easily get lost in. As we were trying to find our way out, there was … [Read more...]

Walking Along The Beach Today

Walking along the beach today I was thinking about people connecting around the world as never before. Technology, yes - I love it! Do I spend too much time on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn? Yes, and that's just for starters. Thanks to the internet we have all met people it would not … [Read more...]