Walking Along The Beach Today

Walking Along The Beach Today

Walking along the beach today I was thinking about people connecting around the world as never before. Technology, yes – I love it! Do I spend too much time on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn? Yes, and that’s just for starters. Thanks to the internet we have all met people it would not have been possible to meet otherwise. Of course it can be distracting, but it’s a blast! Not realizing I was building a platform for the future, I just buzzed away online for years. Then, I wrote a book and was told I had set everything up in advance to market my book. Gotta love it!

So back to walking on the beach (distracted again!) today. I walked into Laguna for breakfast at one of my favorite cafe’s – Anastasia Cafe¬† (I sat by the entrance outside in photo) which has Anastasia Boutique that just makes my heart go pitter-patter! It’s a local’s spot with amazing food, clothing and accessories. Now and then I see an older woman who gets upset at people sitting next to her who happen to be using their cell phones. She yelled at me once and moved to another table.¬† I had just picked my phone to tell my husband where I was so he could meet me. This would be one side of the coin, and a negative one, if you happen to be sitting by this pushy woman who has no business telling others what they should and should not be doing.

Walking home from breakfast I passed a college age girl sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean who was sending a text. The smile on her face that lit up her eyes let you know she was communicating with someone she loves. I found myself smiling. The other side of the coin, and a positive one at that!

I think of the friends I have met around the world, for instance Steve Tallamy, who has become like family. Steve will give you his opinion of social media if you click on his link, then continue on – his musings about Mother Nature are superb! Steve is also a contributing author in my upcoming book. Steve has come to visit Laguna Beach twice and it is our hope to visit him in England soon. I can feel an east coast trip coming on as well. It’s time to visit the opposite coast to connect with old and new friends alike.

My life is has become even more expansive, energetic and exciting from meeting such enthusiastic, kind, loving people. We all enhance each others lives with positivity (anyone notice I’m on the ‘E’ train?) and appreciation. Just know that as we interact, I am smiling like the girl on the bench texting. My heart is filled with grateful to each of you for being who you are, and for the beautiful energy you bring into this world.

Debra Oakland