The Courage For Peace

The world can seem off balance as old systems crumble, making way for a peaceful new way of living.  We are all one. When we recognize that fact we truly will be living a new earth experience.

I quote a journal article excerpt from Rene Wadlow in her article The Courage for Peace -“Favoring a relational, intuitional, opportunity-oriented way of thinking and a community, interconnective, partnership approach to social relations, this new way of being is built on our emerging understanding of universal truths: matter is energy with meaning and motion. Life is not static, it is flow. We are not broken, we are whole. If we oppress others, we oppress ourselves.”

I don’t know about you, but I for one do not feel we are broken.  I know we are whole.  Until each of us rise up and take our power back and come together as a common voice, change will only take longer.  What is so hard about living in Peace?  Who would not want to?  Really now, who in their right mind does not want a peaceful life?  Who doesn’t want love? It is all up to us.  It is decision time. Time to wake up out of a deep hypnotic sleep. Choose peace, say yes to life and Life will say yes to you.  This new world is what courage is all about.

Debra Oakland @ Living In Courage Online