Wisdom Speaks

It is through experience that knowledge becomes wisdom.

Wisdom is a great gift that connects to us through our soul and speaks to our hearts as we experience life. When properly applied, wisdom can assist us to enjoy a life well lived. What do you strive for in your life? Do you allow the wisdom in you flow out from you? Experience and knowledge = wisdom.

“Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

At some point we become wise enough to see the limiting walls we have built around ourselves. Taking action to release all that does not serve our life takes courage and inner strength. These walls of resistance are sometimes invisible, even to our own eyes. It’s easy to look at another persons life and see why things are not working out for them; yet, when we look at ourselves, we often miss what limits us.

I want to be a happy little miracle maker. How about you? It just sounds fun! This may require some serious contemplation and examination. Some profound shifts may need to take place. There are millions of books on the subject of living a better, happier, healthier life. Why then is the world not filled with happy, healthy, successful, peaceful, fulfilled people? How many people do you know who’s lives are filled with true joy?

Our world seems to have sped up at a pace difficult for most to keep up with. People are busy, busy, busy. “No time” is the mantra everyone hears from each other. Social media, e-mails piling up, articles and blog posts to write, and on it goes. People needing more time just to keep up with work, family and friends. Wisdom speaks, “Slow down, connect with the present moment and allow yourself to be in the stillness of NOW.”

It’s time to take the journey back to self, back to the love, wisdom and power living inside each of us. Living in the past complicates life and does little to build a brighter future for ourselves and our family. The moment we are in right now creates our next NOW moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

Be here to be present. We get caught up in the past and future, often neglecting the moment we are in that creates it all. This moment is all that exits. Imagine yourself high up in the air standing on a tightrope representing NOW. On one side is the past – on the other side, the future. Do you notice there is nothing on either side of the tightrope? Absolutely nothing. The past is gone as soon as the moment passes and the future now moments have not been revealed.

The only thing that keeps the past alive is the memories in our mind – that’s it! Imagine the things people could let go of if the past was released. Wisdom speaks of forgiving ourselves and others. Yes, those memories are ours to cherish if we wish or to dispose of if we choose.

Embrace the present moment. Ask yourself what you want out of life. In the fullness of the present moment, you get to decide. These moments, combined with the energy of your intention, gain momentum and show up in your physical experience, for positive or negative. Your choice!

As you remain peaceful, joyful and productive, making wise decisions and taking action towards your dreams and goals; you take a step closer to the life you want to live. Old unwanted patterns and habits are exactly that – old, keeping you stuck in a continual rut. Practice the art of living NOW.  Miracles can and do appear. The phone rings, connections are made, people supply you with information or bring you something you need (without having to ask!) Synchronicity happens all around you.

Pull yourself back to center when thrown off balance, this habit will reshape your life. Yes, it takes practice, but you can do this. Respond to life wisely with the knowledge you gain through life experience. As my friend Deb Scott says, “Move from the noise to the joys!”