Forgive YOU! Why Should I?

Forgive YOU? Why should I?

How often have you said or thought, “Forgive YOU! Why should I?”

Come on, be honest. We’ve all experienced people who have pushed our buttons, abused us either physically, mentally or verbally. Do you forgive a bully? Do you forgive those that “seemingly” hold power over you? How do you reconcile yourself to forgive someone who cheats, steals, lies and is unethical in every way? Big topic!

You may ask, “Why is it in my best interest to forgive this person or situation?”

[Tweet ““Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” ? Oscar Wilde”]

Because if you don’t you will be freaking miserable, that’s why. Who wants to carry around a heavy toxic shit-pile of wasted energy? Think about it, we are energy, plain and simple. Where your energy flows your life unfolds. Whatever someone has done to hurt you, it’s not happening in this NOW moment. Allowing your mind to re-visit past hurts and wounds affects every aspect of your multi-body system.

It’s a good chance the other person has moved on. If you remain angry, hurt and resentful, this is a heavy weight in your heart. Even though the event happened in the past, if you continue to harbor ill will, you keep negative feelings alive. What happens next? Similar experiences will show up to play out in your outer experiences until you release, forgive and let go of that shit-pile of wasted energy. We are addicted to habit and some habits are detrimental to our life.

When unpleasant emotions or negative feelings surface and you “stuff” them back down, they will show up when you least expect it. Your soul is bringing the shit-storm up for you to look at, acknowledge and release. How about sending this message into the eye of the storm, “I see you, thank you for the lesson in the challenge. I forgive and release myself from you NOW. You are no longer needed in my life.” Voila – release and relax!

[Tweet ““True forgiveness is when you can say, “Thank you for that experience.” ? Oprah Winfrey”]

Let me clarify. I am not talking about forgiving someone and allowing them to hurt you again. There are times anger keeps us safe and can motivate a person to seek assistance. Instead of pushing painful feelings down and ignoring them; scream, shout, let it all out! When the pain is still raw, forgiveness is the exact opposite of what you are feeling. Keep in mind, anger is not a friend of forgiveness, love is. Once safety is firmly established if you have been harmed, or the trauma has died down, consider forgiveness to be a viable option that is in the best interest of your health and well-being.

When someone treats you despicably, remove their presence from your life. It’s hard to be at war with another and at peace with yourself. Sending out emotional darts returns to the sender in kind, always with interest included! You deserve to be living in happy-land. Expressing anger and feeling resentment over long periods of time is giving your power away, keeping you in “struggle” mode and that feels pretty shitty, don’t you agree?

Think of forgiveness as a gift you give yourself in the realization you are not willing to participate in this wasted pile of energy any longer. Take your power back (no end to the power of love) and set yourself free. Forgive others, forgive yourself. You will grow stronger and more resilient. That’s a promise I can stand by!

[Tweet “”Forgiveness is everything the soul desires and the heart requires.” – Debra Oakland”]

One last question…..

Who would you like to forgive you?