10 Simple Tips on The Power of Focus

One of the things I focus on is staying true to myself and my message. I do this by using these 10 Simple Tips on The Power of Focus. If I remain on the safety of the shore too long, the inner need for creativity and expansion gets buried in the sand. Sticking your feet in the waters of life will … [Read more...]


This month's guest blogger Dr Alex Concorde says: Focus is the kingpin of life! It’s the fulcrum that turns dreams into reality, possibility into actuality. Focus is what turns the struggle into strength, the whispers within to wisdom. It’s where you find love beyond loneliness, choose light beyond … [Read more...]

Where Is Your Focus?

"Where is your focus Debra?" This is a question I ask myself almost daily as I wade through the day with my focus goggles on trying to be superwoman. Raise your hand if you can relate? I am a one woman show trying to be everywhere now, while staying in the all important - NOW.  Neither you or I can … [Read more...]