10 Simple Tips on The Power of Focus

Simple Tips on The Power of Focus

One of the things I focus on is staying true to myself and my message. I do this by using these 10 Simple Tips on The Power of Focus.

If I remain on the safety of the shore too long, the inner need for creativity and expansion gets buried in the sand. Sticking your feet in the waters of life will take you on many exciting adventures. Looking below the surface is where you will find buried treasure. Some treasures may appeal to you as you squeal with delight at what you have uncovered. Other discoveries along the way will not be so pleasant.

My point is, what you place your focus on will rise to the surface to meet you. It matters not whether you focus on what you desire, or what you do not desire – it will show up regardless. Yes, what you don’t want can show up just as easily, because the subconscious always says “Yes”. This is one of the most important reasons for keeping your focus positive.

10 Simple Tips on The Power of Focus:

  • Take time to be still. Where are you directing your focus? In this age of distraction, determine where it is most important to direct your attention – prioritize.
  • Identify any fears that get in the way of your focus. Shine a light on the illusion of fear.
  • Create new habits that support your vision. What activities are essential? Collaborate with and support others – this form of communication and co-creating is priceless. Giving and receiving positive feedback feels good and supports your vision.
  • Don’t drown yourself with more than you can handle – again, prioritize! When you feel overwhelmed look away from the big ocean and think of working your way out from the smaller coves that will lead you into the waters safely and joyfully.
  • Look through a lens of joy and incorporate that expression into all you do.
  • Liberate yourself with simplicity, all the streams of information and technology can be overwhelming. Find ways to focus without frustration. There are many ways to communicate online and in social media that will make your life easier. Make social media suit you, not the other way around.
  • Focus is essential to creative people. After the intensity of a job well done, go with the flow, and know when to let go. I have been doing this since my book “Change Your Movie, Change Your Life: 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change launched and became a bestseller!
  • Self care and well-being are essential to being effective and focused. Give yourself a break when you need it.
  • Focus on the F Factor! Family, friend and FUN!! Shut off your phone, computer and electronic devices. Connect with nature, read, cook, dance, indulge in romance and take that vacation you have been dreaming about. Do what makes you happy.
  • Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude & remember to reward yourself for all accomplishment large or small.

I am really writing this to myself as a daily reminder. As a writer/author, I spend too much time behind the computer. My goal is to avoid distractions and focus more time on what I wish to accomplish in my personal and business life. I hope these tips on focus assist you as you travel up the positive path of abundant living. Enjoy the Ocean!

Debra Oakland