Today Is A Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day.  I choose it to be so.  Yes, challenges come up from time to time, and they may require courage to get through, yet they strengthen me in ways I can’t imagine.  Everywhere I look, I see beauty.  The sun shining through the window, the trees blowing in the breeze, my heartbeat and each breath I take, people going on about their lives around me, the aroma of food cooking, children laughing and playing. The deliciousness of life and all it’s nuances are all music to my senses.  I trust that as I choose joy and peace as daily companions, they will reflect their qualities back to me.

It is my responsibility to choose what I want in life, all that I desire.  Once I have chosen, I remain in a knowing anticipation that my “good” is here, without doubt. There are unseen forces that go to work to bring me just what I need.  My job is to to is feel good and hold my peace, without placing a time line on my “good” because I know the timing will be perfect for me.

I bless you with a beautiful day today and every day.

Debra Oakland