Autumn Regeneration

Here is October’s monthly post by Steve Tallamy. Happy Birthday to you this month Steve! No better way to celebrate the beginning of fall than with a birthday. Steve has been such a source of inspiration for me over the years.  I am grateful to be his friend.

Autumn Regeneration

I love the month of October, to me it is the month of regeneration, a time for renewal after the heady days of summer. It also heralds the arrival of autumn here in the northern hemisphere which gives me a good reason to go into the garden and really get in touch with Nature (not that I need a good reason to get my hands dirty).

This time of year the earth is still warm and with the autumn rain it is damp enough to regenerate those plants that have yielded of their best throughout the flowering season. Many perennials can now be dug up and divided; giving the opportunity to take away the dead and decaying parts and to replant the young fresh new growth which is already developing.

By doing this you not only increase the plants winter survival rate but you get a lot of new plants for free, each with the soul of the original Mother plant living inside them to share with family, friends and neighbors. What better way of giving and sharing your love of Nature could there be?

Another reason for me loving October is that it is my Birthday! But I don’t look upon it as a celebration of my birth some 58 years ago: I look at it as a time of regeneration, just like it is for the perennials in my garden. I can chop out the dead and unwanted habits, thoughts and beliefs and give the new knowledge and consciousness I have gained over the past months a chance to grow and expand. To me the best thing of all is that it gives me the chance to share all of this with my family, friends and neighbors, like giving them a new plant I can give them a new and stronger me, I can share my expanded self, my ever growing love for Nature and Mankind with everyone in my life..

If more people took some timeout to regenerate themselves (and it doesn’t have to be in October or on your Birthday, any time will do, but the sooner the better), this wonderful planet we all share will soon become the place that in our hearts we all truly desire it to be. Why not give me the best Birthday present I could wish for and pop into your own garden of life and do a little regeneration. Not only will you make me happy, you will be giving your own survival chances a big boost and those of your loved ones and Mother Earth too.

Steve Tallamy @ Living in Courage Online