Nature's Wisdom: Awareness

Nature’s Wisdom: Awareness by Nicole Levac When I looked up the definition of awareness in various online dictionaries, these are the definitions that I found: • knowledge or perception of a situation or fact (; • feeling, experiencing, or noticing something … [Read more...]

Self-Authority ~ Taking Charge of Our-Selves

Self-Authority ~ Taking Charge of Our-Selves by Steve Tallamy “You are the only person who thinks in your mind! You are the power and authority in your world.” ~ Louise Hay Authority conjures up visions and thoughts of power over others but in Nature and indeed on a spiritual level it means taking … [Read more...]

Persistence ~ You & Nature

          Persistence ~ You & Nature by Steve Tallamy Persistence, persistence, persistence, it’s what creates as well as destroys habits, good and bad.  Nature persists in renewing Herself and as the children of Nature we are no different.  Whether we want to stop … [Read more...]

Why I Choose Beauty & Nature Every Time

                  Why I Choose Beauty & Nature Every Time by Steve Tallamy With the beauty of nature all around us why on earth would you choose not to embrace it and live in a place of joy?  The answer seems obvious to me and I expect most … [Read more...]

The Spirit Of Love

  Welcome to 2013, I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and that this brand New Year brings you an abundance of love. Talking of which, love is this months subject, so lets get straight into sharing and spreading the eternal energy. Quite rightly Love is probably the most written … [Read more...]