The Spirit Of Love


The Spirit Of Love

The Spirit Of Love by Steve Tallamy

Welcome to 2013, I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and that this brand New Year brings you an abundance of love. Talking of which, love is this months subject, so lets get straight into sharing and spreading the eternal energy.

Quite rightly Love is probably the most written and sung about topic there has ever been and the only time that will change is when mankind has re-learned to unconditionally accept it as the one and only way to live and grow.  Whenever I look into Mother Nature’s eyes I see, feel and absorb her love because to me love is the spirit within every living thing.  It is You, it is Me, it is the trees, birds, rivers and streams; it is every-thing and everywhere.  The spirit of love is the life force and energy of creation, it is the innermost centre of all reality, imagination and desire.

When you consider the 47 aspects of love that Debra and I are writing about it is easy to realize the true power it has and how important to our wellbeing it is.  We are all aware when love is missing from our lives, we feel anxious, unhappy with our lifestyle, angry with those closest to us, emotionally unbalanced and ill.  I’m sure that none of us want this in our own lives nor in the world that we live in and share with all that we are connected to. So let’s make 2013 the year of unconditionally accepting love into every aspect of our live’s, keeping it within us, sharing it with others, nurturing and growing it to become the spirits of creation that we truly are.

Learn to absorb positivity, reject (or change) negativity, get in touch with your heart felt feelings and desires and live by them at all times.  How you do this is up to you, we all have varying ways of dealing with things, but I suggest that you find the time to connect with nature as often as you can.  Join Mother Nature in peace and harmony, merge your spirit into that of hers, greet her with a smile, thank her for her wisdom, praise her beauty and give back to her the respect she never asks for but so richly deserves.  In this way we can heal ourselves, heal those around us and when the power of love has grown and flourished enough, as creative spirits we will heal the world.  Not a bad resolution to make, Happy New Year everyone, lets join together in Love!

Steve Tallamy