Persistence ~ You & Nature

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Persistence ~ You & Nature by Steve Tallamy

Persistence, persistence, persistence, it’s what creates as well as destroys habits, good and bad.  Nature persists in renewing Herself and as the children of Nature we are no different.  Whether we want to stop smoking, loose weight, change our lifestyle in any way shape or form we need to be constant and persistent in reaching our goals.  The more we positively focus on our dreams the more we bring them to life and into the realm of reality.  Love is the key to positive persistence for if we don’t truly love ourselves or our goals then we will only get the things that we fear appear in our lives.

Change may seem to be the opposite to persistence but if we, as nature does, change when we realize that who and what we are isn’t working for us then we move forward into a higher vibrational state and bring forth new possibilities, like the new shoots that appear in Springtime.  Of course we sometimes misread the signs of change and make mistakes, but that is simply a part of the growing process telling us that a new change needs to take place.  Persistently noting how we feel, getting in touch with our emotions in any given moment and taking positive actions to change them when needed is how we survive life’s struggles and enhance life’s beauty and love.

The thought that if Nature were static and never changed is a frightening one, the world as we know it wouldn’t exist and neither would we.  So it’s a comfort to know that Nature is persistent in everything that She does, changing when needed in one moment and standing still and growing stronger in another whilst being as constant as the cycles of the seasons.  By persistently allowing change to happen we open ourselves up to receiving the love we seek and deserve whilst like Mother Nature herself we develop a resistance to the pests and diseases we call fear, doubt and stress. So by persistently and positively acting and thinking from a state of lovingness we can bring the changes and grow the love we desire for ourselves and future generations; and if that doesn’t sound worth persisting for then I don’t know what is!

Steve Tallamy