Self-Authority ~ Taking Charge of Our-Selves

Self Authority - Taking Charge of Our-Selves

Self-Authority ~ Taking Charge of Our-Selves by Steve Tallamy

“You are the only person who thinks in your mind! You are the power and authority in your world.” ~ Louise Hay

Authority conjures up visions and thoughts of power over others but in Nature and indeed on a spiritual level it means taking charge of our-selves. Everywhere you look in the natural world self-authority is there to be seen; in the power of self-determination to live and thrive, from the magnificently powerful elemental forces of Mother Nature Herself to those pesky weeds in your garden that appear year upon year. Having the authority to determine how we live our own lives is a wonderful gift, given with love and from which love also will grow and thrive.  However if we turn that authority away from our-selves and impose it on others the gift loses its power to giving and turns it against us in ways that can often be humiliating and harmful to mind, body and spirit.

Learning to use self-authority as it is meant to be used is not always easy and during the course of my own life I have frequently reached levels of success only to stumble and fall. But like anything we try, the more we practice, the more we implement our learning the more benefit we will undoubtedly gain and the easier things will become to maintain. Just like Nature our journey through life is a cycle of changing seasons and if we observe and begin to understand the changes that occur as one season changes into the next we will have gained an insight into how to maintain a natural rhythm during even the most turbulent of times. Becoming who and what we truly are, using our self-authority with care and love, be it self-love or the love of others and the world in which we live whilst deflecting the authority that others may try to impose upon us, is in my mind what life and love is all about.

Living in oneness with Nature never fails to bring me closer to an understanding of which things are truly important to me, it grounds me and enables me to be able to live in peaceful harmony with my environment.  We can all do this in our own way(s), my way just happens to be Nature, and unless we have a connection with our preferred ‘source of energy’ we cannot give ourselves the authority to live life well. Without the knowledge of who we are and what we need to become what we want to be we have nothing to give that authority to. It is then that we try and use the gift to control others because we have nothing of our own worthy of controlling. Without authority we only have false love, false trust and false peace of mind left to nurture ourselves with and as in Nature these things will not grow, bloom nor fruit on barren ground.

With every change of season, each new dawning moment of our life there is a brand new opportunity to grasp the authority to control our purpose in life which surely must be to live the way we want to live, feel the way we want to feel and to love being who we want to be. It has been during another process of renewing the ownership of my own self-authority that I have taken the decision to make this edition of Debra’s newsletter the last one I write for on a regular monthly basis. My life is in the shift between seasons and I need to reappraise not only who and what I am but more importantly to me at this moment, how and what I do to remain being connected with the rhythm of the next turn of life’s seasonal cycle. The connection that Debra and I have made has developed into something very special that words could never express fully so I shan’t even try. I know in my heart that our bond will continue to grow even stronger as we both go on changing, treading different paths but heading in the same direction with the same goal in view; to live our lives with passion, in harmony with all that is, in self-love and in love with simply being.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Debra for allowing me to share my thoughts with you over the years, it has been an important part of both of our journeys of self-discovery and I know that this newsletter will become more and more powerful as both Debra and it continue to change and grow. Thank You Debra!

Lastly I want to give Thanks to You the readers without whom my writing would have had no purpose. Thank You, each and every one of you, live your lives well, live them with purpose, live them with passion, live them with love and live them with authority ~ just make sure it’s Yours!

Thank You

Steve Tallamy