Why I Choose Beauty & Nature Every Time











Why I Choose Beauty & Nature Every Time by Steve Tallamy

With the beauty of nature all around us why on earth would you choose not to embrace it and live in a place of joy?  The answer seems obvious to me and I expect most of you will agree that the times when we feel most connected, calm and at one with ourselves are when we’re somewhere of beauty.  To soak up the beauty around us is a therapy that no man made medication can provide, it fills us with purity of just ‘being’ and promotes our own inner beauty, healing doubts and fears whilst reviving and building up our self-belief and knowingness.

To watch the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, to listen to the birds in the cool of a wood or to feel the sand between my toes with the ocean washing over my feet is a cleansing process which I choose to embrace at every opportunity.  When you consider that all of this inner healing power is right there for the taking and that each and every one of us are an integral part of Nature, to turn away and not connect with the gifts She has to given us is the same as not eating or drinking and starving ourselves of the food that sustains us.

Of course there are times when we see and feel the wrongs that are happening, I’m not saying that everything is perfect all the time, but to dwell on these things is to turn our backs on Nature, ignore Her beauty, refuse Her healing and to live a life of doubt and fear. These things alter our vibrational powers into a state of negativity and the more we live and share them the lower they get, and not only do they affect our own well-being but that of those we love too.  Choosing to live in a place of beauty raises those vibrational powers back to where they can give us most benefit and into a place of love and harmony, a place of safety, a place worth sharing, a place we may call home!

So slow down, take the time to really look and appreciate the beauty in your life.  Accept the power and grace of Mother Natures gift to you, grasp it at every opportunity, embrace it, grow with it, share it, be amazed at it and live your life in that place of beauty. Don’t deny it, don’t abuse it and don’t give it away … it’s your birthright, love it with the fullness of your heart and soul and become and live as the beautiful being you truly are!

Steve Tallamy